VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Anyone interested in getting more involved as an adult volunteer is invited to participate. We need people to help in a variety of positions in the coming weeks now that the Spring ’18  season is in full preparation. Please send an email to Shannon Harshman at  info@Mariners936.com for additional information.

Mariners is a volunteer run organization and we’re always looking for more “hands on deck”. Whatever your interest, we have a job for you where you can work with kids, work on boats or work behind the scenes on administrative projects. We are a busy group with lots of different fun activities for our youth and our adult volunteers. Here are some of the departments where you can make a difference:

The Officer of the Deck is a Mariner Adult who assumes overall responsibility for the activities of the Mariners and Mariner Juniors for the time period on the date selected.  The Officer of the deck has the responsibility to coordinate with all other adult advisors and representatives of the County at the facility.  The Officer of the Deck should work closely with the Boatswain of the Deck and to the degree feasible convey direction to the youth through the Boatswain of the Deck.

The 2nd and 3rd adults should report to the OOD for direction.  The whalers should always have an adult on board unless an exception is made by the OOD.  The 2nd and 3rd adults should feel empowered to direct and discipline youth as deemed necessary.  The BSA requires 2 deep adult leadership at all times.

 Saturday Supervision – We always need help in this department with supervision needed for a variety of activities. On Saturday mornings, Mariners youth can earn “Swabbie” credit for helping with boat maintenance and adults are needed to supervise this activity. On Saturday afternoons, we schedule fun on-the-water boating activities which also need supervision. And finally, as we prepare for our twice a year team competitions; AMR and Rendezvous, we hold weekly team practices to train for events. Adult supervisors are always needed to oversee these practices.

Boat Maintenance – Maintaining a fleet of sailing vessels is a big job and the more people helping, the lighter the load. If you are interested in working on boats, we’d love to put you to work! This is also a great way to be eligible for very affordable rates if you are a qualified sailor and wish to charter one of our vessels.

Office Staff – There are a number of responsibilities that are handled by our volunteer office staff, these include uniforms, paperwork, membership roster and bookkeeping. Most of these volunteer jobs are very flexible and are perfect for someone looking to help out from home or at odd hours.

Fundraising/Donations – In addition to volunteer support, financial support is always needed to maintain boats and subsidize trip costs. If you have creative ideas for fundraisers or would like to assist in implementation of fundraising ideas, this is your department.

Communication – This department is responsible for communicating information about meetings, events, trips & competitions to youth and adults via emails, Facebook and Mariners website

Racing – The racing department is always looking for sailing enthusiasts to help our youth develop racing skills and implement fun racing events.

Trip Chaperones – In order to comply with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) two-deep supervision requirements, we are always looking for adult volunteers willing to chaperone sailing trips and competition events.

Recruitment/Advertising – The recruitment department does outreach in the community to introduce potential recruits 12-16 to Mariners. We’re always looking for fresh ideas on how to reach kids in this age group through social networking and affordable advertising. Please let us know if you can lend your expertise in this area.

As Needed – If you can’t make an ongoing commitment to a specific department, we can add your name to our “as- needed” database of volunteers and will contact you when there is a need for additional assistance on a project.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these volunteer opportunities, please email us at info@mariners936.com and indicate your area of interest.

Once you decided to help us out than please register as an Adult Advisor.  All adult advisors working with Mariners youth will be asked to fulfill the BSA registration requirements including a background check.  This process is mainly in place as a protective measure for anyone interacting with our youth.

See also our  volunteers structure


Adult Advisor, easy 4-steps, registration instructions:

New adult advisor’s must complete 3 required forms; the Adult Member Sign Up Form, The Adult Liability Waiver Form and the Annual Health & Medical Record.  In addition, a short on-line training must be completed.  The 3 required forms and the link to the training are all provided below.

All completed forms and certificate of completion of training should be mailed to:

32862 Staysail Drive

Please complete the following:
1) Adult Members Sign Up Form (pdf): Boy Scouts of America application.  Please complete pages 4, 5, 7, 9 and 11 (including reference information in right column.)
2) Adult Liability Waiver Form (pdf): South Coast Sailing Team (SCST) liability waiver.
3) Annual Health and Medical Record (pdf): Part A and B are required to chaperone on trips/events less than 3 days.  Add part C if you plan to chaperone trips of 3 days or longer.
4) Boy Scouts of America’s Youth Protection Training – Venturing Training course:

Please read instructions below carefully to ensure you are taking the proper training.

  • Go to www.my.scouting.org and create an account
  • After sign in go to upper right corner and click on “New to scouting? Click here to take training”
  • Take both tests:(Course should take only about 15-20 minutes to complete)
And finally for an overview of all possible activities/requirements to choose from, please see Adult training for Sea Scouts activities roster
Please send an email to Shannon Harshman at  info@Mariners936.com for additional information and any questions you may have regarding volunteering for the Mariners.