Two signed copies required.  NO FORM=NO GO!

SW RENDEZVOUS (11/25-27/16) YOUTH RELEASE FORM: under 18.  Signed by parent/guardian.

SW RENDEZVOUS  (11/25-27/16) ADULT RELEASE FORM: over 18


Parking Pass:






Mariners 936 check request form for reimbursement

Parent Permission Forms for the upcoming Cruises, Regattas and Competitions(*):

RENDEZVOUS 2015 November 27-29:  

  • The Parent Permission slip (*) can be located by logging-in to members-only section of website.  
  • The Youth and Adult trip release form can be located by logging-in to members-only section of website
(*) No Parent Permission slip means NO participation.

Additional information including Swabby records,  Annual Event Qualification points and Competition results are in the same section as well.  Contact us at for log-in instructions

Financial aid documents (posted 1/30/12) Log in to the Members’ section

MARINERS HANDBOOK 2011 (posted 5/14/12)


Welcome Mariner Pogeys 2014

Youth Members Sign Up Form (pdf)

Youth Emergency Information, Medical Release, & Liability Waiver (pdf)

Annual Health & Medical Record (pdf) Only if you plan to go on trips of less than 3 days 

Annual Health & Medical Record (pdf) Only if you plan to go on trips of 3 days and longer

Annual Health & Medical Record FAQ (pdf)

Dress Uniform Requirements (pdf)

Rank Advancement Requirements (pdf)

Out of Class Rank Advancement Registration Form Fall ’12

Swabby Records Redemption form (posted 4/1/14)


Adult Members Sign Up Form (pdf): Boy Scouts of America application.  Please complete pages 4, 5, 7, 9 and 11 (including reference information in right column)

Adult Liability Waiver Form (pdf): South Coast Sailing Team (SCST) liability waiver.

Annual Health & Medical Record A-B (pdf) For all trips less than 3 days.

Annual Health & Medical Record A-B-C (pdf) (*) Only if you plan to chaperone on trips of 3 days and longer.

(*)  Here’s also a link if pdf download fails:


Eligibility point requirements (updated on 4/19/16)

Chain of Command

How to organize practices


AMR Release form to be signed by parent (must have in order to participate)

AMR Packing list

AMR GARMENT BAG list (posted 5/8/13)

RENDEZVOUS 2011 Manual

RENDEZVOUS Packing list (posted 11/14/12)



PFD rules

Cruise Packing List (pdf)