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Jim “Skip” Wehan: “Thankful for Eighty Years Well Spent Years”

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May 3, 2017

Dear Friends:

80 years of living, 56 years as an educator, 42 years as a Sea Scout Skipper and partial retirement as a full-time employee of the Ocean Institute was reason for celebrating. As a result, some …

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“Where We Go One We Go All”: Mariners Travel to Baja Mexico to Support local Community.

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Members of Mariners 936 recently joined forces with Club Dust to visit a small community in Baja Mexico where we got to know the locals and help construct a home for a young family. This was a wonderful opportunity for

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Ryan Clark and Jessica Huber Achieved Sea Scout’s Highest Rank!

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Congratulations to RYAN CLARK and JESSICA HUBER for achieving Sea Scouts’ Highest Rank: QUARTERMASTER.

It is not only a great honor for them, their parents and family but for our entire Ship.   May they be an example to all Mariners!…

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Ship’s Community Outreach Delivers Over 1,000 Lbs of Food

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Hello Mariner Family,

Last April and May the Ship participated in a food collection drive to support the Orange County Food Bank. Mariner Families were requested to fill a box with food items as suggested by the food bank. We

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Our 6 teams that participated at the State competition over the Memorial Weekend victoriously sailed back on TWO CLIPPERS, THREE SCHOONERS and ONE SLOOP!

For all details please visit “COMPETITION” on our home page.…

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Forty years of Great Adventure

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Dear Friends,
At 0400 on Friday morning I awoke to my alarm clock and the realization that over the next two hours, I had to organize the loading of baggage and 82 youth and adults onto two charter buses.  Our
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