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 April 28 – Safety at Sea Training in San Diego

Safety at sea registration is now available online!!!


Priority will be given to Sea Scout that are registered and paid before March 13, 2018.

For complete information go to:



Drop-off time, Saturday 5/5: 10am
Pick-up time, Sunday 5/6: 2pm.

  • SIGN-UP/PAYMENT Deadline: APRIL 25th
  • Fees: $40 (if you did not already pay for it at the beginning of the Spring session)
  • What to pack:
    • REUSABLE Water bottle
    • Sleeping bag
    • Pillow
    • Warm jacket
    • Changes of cloths
    • Sunscreen
    • Toiletries
    • Small game, cards, book
    • Seasick medicine if needed
  • What NOT to pack: Candy, soda (we will provide any candy/treats for our Mariners Juniors and encourage drinking lots of water with their reusable water bottle which can be refilled aboard the boats)
  • **FOOD ALLERGIES: Please let us know in advance if your Mariner Jr. has any food allergies prior to the overnight.
  • (Note: Drop-off/Pick-up at OC Sailing and Events Center at Dana Point Harbor)

Looking forward to another fun and memorable overnight sailing adventure to Newport Harbor!

Happy Sailing,

Mariners Junior Team

May 12 – Sailing Regatta and Barbecue in Dana Harbor


Meeting Announcements Spring 2018:

Announcements Meeting #2 (2/21/18)

Announcements Meeting #3 (2/28/18)

Announcements Meeting #4 (3/7/18)

Announcement Meeting #5 (3/14/18)

Announcements Meeting #6 (3/21/18)

Announcements Meeting #7 (3/28/18)

Announcement Special Meeting (4/4/18)

Announcements Meeting #8 (4/18/18)


Large Vessels Handling Class March/April and Safety At Sea Training Sign Up

Mariner and Mariner Junior Adult Advisors and Parents:
John Murray is offering a 7 week class in using one of our large vessels.  This class is open to our Mariner and Mariner Junior adult Advisors and parents.
The syllabus includes:
Engine understanding and maintenance.
fueling for engine and stove
All electrical and plumbing systems
Use of the GPS and radar systems on board
Docking practice
Raising and trimming sail.
Furling sail
setting and trimming a spinnaker
The class will be from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on March 17,21,28, April 7, 14, 21, 28.  There is no charge for this class.
Interested adults should contact John (see address list in members’ section)

April 28 – Safety at Sea Training in San Diego

Safety at sea registration is now available online!!!


Priority will be given to Sea Scout that are registered and paid before March 13, 2018.

For complete information go to:


fair winds,

We Need Additional Adult Volunteer Help

Mariner Adults:
There are two parts of our program that need additional adult help.  Please help me find adults that might be willing to participate in one of these activities.
Mariner Juniors
Ruth Fassett is the Director of this activity.  She has adults that step forward on a temporary or part time basis.  This of course is a big help.  Yet more is needed.  Ruth needs a team of adults interested in working with youth that are aged twelve and thirteen years.  Please help us put this team together.
The format itself has been standardized. The Wednesday night 1 1/2 hour meetings are utilized to teach rigging of boats, rules of the road, knots, cruise preparation of the large vessels, setting of sails on the large vessels and use of dinghies.  The Saturday 3 hour classes are utilized to teach sailing and the safe handling of vessels of all sizes.  The curriculum is progressive from basic sailing in small vessels to the operation of ocean going craft.  In addition, there are extra events such as a regatta and barbecue, overnight cruise and three hour sail on the Spirit of Dana Point.  The instructors for the classes are Mariner youths.  The classes themselves are integrated with Mariner youths.  In this manner it is intended that Mariner Junior youths become acquainted with Mariner youths to facilitate a desire on the part of Mariner Junior youths to become Mariners when they reach the appropriate age.
Swabby Maintenance
I am the director of this program.  I need adults who on occasion are willing to spend time with two to six youths while the youths perform maintenance work on the Mariner equipment.  The youths for the most part have no skills.  The adults willing to participate in this program must be able to resist doing any work themselves.  Simple projects may take months.  The intent is that the youth do the work and by so doing learn the skills needed to clean boats or varnish bright work or paint without making a total mess.  The swabby maintenance is done between 9:00 and 12:00 am on Saturday mornings.
fair winds,


Welcome to Mariners 936!

Thank you for your interest in joining the Mariners 936 Sea Scout group. Here is a quick overview to help familiarize you with our program, and to direct you to resources where you can find up to date information on the history of our Mariners ship as well as details about upcoming events.

Our schedule:

Mariners has a Fall and Spring season. Fall runs from September – November and Spring runs from February – April. During our season we have meetings every Wednesday evening and typically have regularly scheduled Saturday activities. Our Wednesday evening program runs as follows:

6:30pm: Arrival and Announcements

7:00-8:00pm: Meet with team to practice on competition skills

8:00-9:00pm: Rank Advancement instruction


Each season culminates in a weekend long competition with other Sea Scouts from California. This is a highly anticipated event by our youth and something for which they train all season. In the fall we attend the Southwestern Rendezvous event in Camp Pendleton and in the spring we attend the Ancient Mariner Regatta (AMR) in Alameda ( San Francisco).  Lifelong friendships and memories are formed at Rendezvous and AMR.

Rank Advancement:

There are four ranks which can be earned within Sea Scouts; Apprentice, Ordinary, Able and Quarter Master. Quarter Master is the Sea Scout equivalent to the Boy Scouts’ Eagle Scout rank and is a very prestigious accomplishment. The timetable to achieve each rank is roughly as follows:

Apprentice: One full Season

Ordinary: Two full Seasons

Able: Three full seasons

Quarter Master: Varies


All new recruits enter the program with the title of “Pogey”. This refers to their position as a first season Mariner regardless of age upon entry into program. The “Pogey” title is held until after attendance of first competition.

Elected officers and teams:

Sea Scouts is a youth run organization with the Mariner youth electing their leadership. Each season elections are held on the first meeting of the season when a Bosun and Bosun Mates are elected. The Bosun serves as the president of the ship and leads the Bosun’s team and the Bosuns Mates lead additional teams. The Bosun is also responsible for appointing additional youth leaders. The elected and appointed leaders are referred to as the “Quarter Deck.” The teams will work together to prepare to compete at AMR and Rendezvous.

Sailing & recreational trips:

In addition to competition and rank advancement, we work on building hands-on sailing skills through formal instruction, open sailing days and racing events. We have an extensive fleet of vessels available including 14’ Lasers, collegiate 420‘s, large cruising sailboats and kayaks. We also have access to the 118 ft. Tall Ship, “Spirit of Dana Point” and a 9 day cruise is offered each summer aboard this ship. During this trip and other weekend trips to Catalina and the Channel Islands, our kids take responsibility for preparing meal plans, creating and running a watch schedule, navigating and steering the ship. All activities take place under the watchful eye of US Coast Guard licensed marine officers and trained adult advisers.


Most Saturday mornings from 9:00am-12:00pm there is supervised boat maintenance activities where youth can earn credit , at $15/hour, for performing routine maintenance on our Mariners vessels. Swabbie credit can be applied towards season dues and/or competition or cruise fees. Check website or Facebook page for current scheduled activities.

And Finally:

Through a combination of leadership training, practical classroom learning, competition events, team building, sailing, racing and meeting new friends, our Mariners youth develop a wide range of maritime skills and memories which will last a lifetime.

We hope this helps provide a brief overview of our program. As always, please use our website and Facebook page as a resource or email us at info@mariners936.com