Sign Up for the 2017 Christmas Light Parade through Givsum

Posted on 10/21/17 No Comments
Mariners and Mariner Juniors:
Riding on one of our vessels in the Dana Harbor Christmas Light Parade is always a lot of fun.  We are decorating and entering two vessels in the parade this year.  Participation is open to Mariners, Mariner Juniors and their families and friends.  You must sign up on GIVSUM.  To do this you may use the link below.  If you have not yet joined GIVSUM, please do so asap at  It is very simple to do.  However, we need you to send us all email addresses that you intend to use with GIVSUM.  Once we receive your email addresses we will enter them into GIVSUM.  In this way you will be able to see Mariner events that are only open to Mariners.
The parade is on Dec. 8, 9, 15 and 16.  Free Tickets are now available on GIVSUM.  You may use the following link:
This is a popular event, the boats are limited to 20 passengers, we have two so our capacity is 40 passengers per night.  They will fill up rapidly.
fair winds,